Friday, 3 January 2014

Props Props Props

 After finishing the puppet I had one week left to make a set and dress it with loads of adorable tiny props. Unfortunately this is where my recording gets a little sparse so I mostly just have finished photos of the props.

  The books are made from a core of card then covered in a layer of coloured paper.

 The shelf was made from a left over strip of pine which I stained and stuck to the wall using wood glue.

The lamp was quite fun to make. The base is a large button I salvaged from the model room, the neck is a short length of 2mm aluminium wire, and the shade is a rolled up piece of sheet metal that I cut from an empty tomato puree tube. I was worried that it looked quite shoddy when it was glued together but it all came together when I spray painted it.

The Gameboy was a piece of balsa-wood that I very carefully shaped. I don't have another photo but there is also a game cartridge in the back.

The bed was the largest prop I made. It's mostly made from bits of wood and card, then made to look pretty with the fabric. It didn't require animating or moving at any point during filming so I didn't waste time by building making it perfect.

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