Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Larrys Clothes

 I always find trousers the hardest to make so I started with those. I began by covering  the legs in a layer of clingfilm and masking tape.

 I marked out and labeled the different sections of the jeans. I then used theses as my templates to mark and cut the fabric.

I have a sewing machine so assembling them should have taken me all of a few minutes. Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties it look more like three hours.  After exhausting the entire troubleshooting page of the sewing machine guide book a quick call to my wonderful Aunt solved the problem. It turns out the thread I was using was too thick.

I added some details, pockets and belt loops. I'll add a nicer belt later on I was just using a strip of felt to prevent the loops sticking to the trousers.

 I used the same process to make a template for the shirt.

The sleeves are simply tucked into the main body of the shirt. This makes it easier to dress him and allows easy access to the bolts if they need tightening. Now to make a bomber jacket.

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