Thursday, 19 February 2015

Yoricks Head (part 1)

I wasn't expecting this to work on my first attempt. Having glued together the balsa wood last week  I had been putting off sculpting the head as this is usually my weak point.

I roughly drew the shape of Yoricks head on to my block of balsa wood before using a hacksaw to remove the majority of unwanted material. I then got out my (dad's) trusty Dremel to finish shaping.

Here's the result so far. I used a sculpting tool to add some wrinkle detail and also shaped a nose which I will glue on later.

 Next I used aluminium wire and Milliput to roughly sculpt Yoricks stag beetle antlers.


Here's a close up for ya.
 In part two I aim to be adding eyes, ears, mustache, eyebrows and painting the head.

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