Tuesday, 1 April 2014


My plan for the faces had been to make internal sockets for the eye balls and to place a Milliput and Sculpy mask on top. I had several problems with this method so I had to quickly come up with an alternate option.

I sculpted each head/face from balsa wood and used Sculpy to add some features. I then used a Dremel to create sockets for the eyes (The eyes/beads will be held in with tacky wax/Dax wax).

Larrys Clothes

 I always find trousers the hardest to make so I started with those. I began by covering  the legs in a layer of clingfilm and masking tape.

 I marked out and labeled the different sections of the jeans. I then used theses as my templates to mark and cut the fabric.

I have a sewing machine so assembling them should have taken me all of a few minutes. Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties it look more like three hours.  After exhausting the entire troubleshooting page of the sewing machine guide book a quick call to my wonderful Aunt solved the problem. It turns out the thread I was using was too thick.

I added some details, pockets and belt loops. I'll add a nicer belt later on I was just using a strip of felt to prevent the loops sticking to the trousers.

 I used the same process to make a template for the shirt.

The sleeves are simply tucked into the main body of the shirt. This makes it easier to dress him and allows easy access to the bolts if they need tightening. Now to make a bomber jacket.

Little Problems

Im sure you can see in the above photo that the shins look incredibly short. It turns out I sculpted the boots a bit larger than intended. This was easily fixed by simply unscrewing the shin section of each leg and replacing it with a longer piece.

 I had to cut into the boot to unscrew the bolt, I was concerned that the cut would show but its hardly visible.

Unfortunatly the threaded bar holding both legs the the hip block worked loose, meaning the legs would move in unison. Luckily a bit of thread lock and epoxy fixed this.

So Much Silicon

I'd like to apologize for the long delay in posting. I've been very busy and now it seem like I have a million photos to scroll through and post. I've decided to keep most of my work under wraps for now. I wont be posting pictures of the completed puppets until after the deadline.

 Both of Larrys boots cast. I've dirtied the one on the right up a bit to bring out the Lace detail.

 This was my first hand cast for the Sasquatch. I didn't add enough silicon so they came out looking squished. My second attempt was much more successful.

 Larrys Hands

Sasquatch Feet