Thursday 3 July 2014

Summer Time

Over the summer I wanted play with my armature, practice a bit of animation and re-do my walk, push, pull and throw cycles. Sadly this meant dismantling Larry, here he is waving sad. (I'm keeping all his parts so a can build a custom wire armature for him later)


And now say hello to my naked re-assembled slightly sassy looking H1 Pro armature. I found it difficult to animate and position it in this 'naked' form so I decided to bulk out the hips and chest with balsa wood.

 Here are the hip and chest blocks. I used a Dremel to do most of the shaping so getting to this stage didn't take too long.

I then stained and varnished both parts to make them more durable.

 Here is the finished product, complete with head and hands. Time to start animating.