Monday 27 October 2014

Finished Hive

This is the finished hive on my set about half way though filming.
Un-edited Mime animation coming soon. 

Sadly I will not be able to post my test footage which shows all of the progress and development for this project because the new computer I'm working on wiped all my tests from Stop Motion Pro. *angrily shakes fist at computer*
(Learn from my mistake guys, save as you work!)


Friday 17 October 2014

Bee Hive Build

I started by cutting twenty trapeziums from balsa wood.


Next I used superglue to stick everything together, and gave each section a coat of white paint.

After stacking the sections I noticed they were a bit wobbly so I cut some wedges to make sure everything was snug and level before gluing it all together.

 In the next photo I have added legs and the top section for the roof to sit on.

I drilled a shallow hole into each of the legs to hold tiny magnets. This should stop the beehive moving when I film.

I used textured brown card to cover some balsa wood for the roof. Before gluing the roof down I added a second coat of white paint and then gave it a used look by staining certain areas with coffee.
(Finished prop photo coming soon) 

Tuesday 14 October 2014

After Effects Project

For this project we have to create a 10 - 15 second animated performance of one character using mime to convey emotion I must also include a small amount of lip-sync. After completing the performance I will use after effects, flash and Photoshop to add visual effects to the performance.

Below is the storyboard of my second idea (my first idea involved guns and an explosion, how unoriginal is that!? *yawn*) 

I have lovingly named my mime sequence 'Save The Bees'