Sunday 19 January 2014

Sasquatch Design and Colour Development

 As with Larry I started to develop the Sasquatch by drawing out several body shapes and choosing the ones that jumped out at me. I wanted the Sasquatch to be cute and cheeky looking. Traditionally cute characters are round in shape and have soft lines. This worked in my favor as it would create some contrast from Larry's square shapes.

 Here I started to look at different styles of fur and possible face shapes and characteristics.

Looking as different colour possibilities and combinations. I started with hand painted watercolour and then moved on to digital colour cutouts. I finally decided on a dark reddish/brown colour. I wanted the Sasquatch to stand out from the background but also look fairly natural.

Saturday 18 January 2014

Colouring Larry

I started to look at colour schemes for Larry using water colour. Although I enjoyed doing it this way I found it very time consuming. You can see below were I switched to a digital method which simply involved using the paint bucket to change each section.

I didn't particularly like any of these combinations, but I have picked out a few colours that I will be using on the turnaround later on.

Sunday 12 January 2014

Developing Larry

Larry is the main character of my short film. Here's how I went about developing him. Much of the information is already on the slides so I wont be annotating too much.
 Start with some simple shapes. Looking as different proportions and body types. Larry is in his mid 50's but I didn't want him to look old and worn out.  I wanted him to look old but also as if he'd looked after himself and was slightly buff/beefy.

 Staring to develop those initial shapes. I didn't like the pot bellied/podgy look. I finally decided on the shape in the top left corner.

 Finding Larry's look/outfit.

Larrys facial development

Friday 3 January 2014

Final Animation

Set Dressing

 Lets start from the bottom. The floor is made from stick back wood effect vinyl. Instead of just sticking down the correct size shape of vinyl I decided to cut it into strips to create the look of floor boards.

 Just starting to dress the set.

Close up of bed and table. Remember to stick all your small props down. I  had to restart filming when I bumped my table and all the props shifted, luckily I was only a few frames in.

Most of the posters are Easter eggs. From left to right my A-Level art work, me in comic con costume, Sloth Clintwood, Victor Dinkleberry, Chocks (Hannah Griffiths) and Lockstock Rob (James Stafford)

Finished Puppet

Here it is the finished puppet ready to be animated. I secured the Gameboy to the puppets hand with a length of wire. I also added some eye lids to make him look less creepy/like he's staring into the abyss.

Props Props Props

 After finishing the puppet I had one week left to make a set and dress it with loads of adorable tiny props. Unfortunately this is where my recording gets a little sparse so I mostly just have finished photos of the props.

  The books are made from a core of card then covered in a layer of coloured paper.

 The shelf was made from a left over strip of pine which I stained and stuck to the wall using wood glue.

The lamp was quite fun to make. The base is a large button I salvaged from the model room, the neck is a short length of 2mm aluminium wire, and the shade is a rolled up piece of sheet metal that I cut from an empty tomato puree tube. I was worried that it looked quite shoddy when it was glued together but it all came together when I spray painted it.

The Gameboy was a piece of balsa-wood that I very carefully shaped. I don't have another photo but there is also a game cartridge in the back.

The bed was the largest prop I made. It's mostly made from bits of wood and card, then made to look pretty with the fabric. It didn't require animating or moving at any point during filming so I didn't waste time by building making it perfect.