Sunday, 15 March 2015

Yoricks Hands and Boots

This was probably the most difficult item that I had to cast in silicon. While making the plaster mold I had to leave a hole through which would allow me to remove the armature later.

 Unfortunatly I made this hole slightly too big which alowed much of silicon to drip out. I plugged the hole with clay but this left a messy residue on the silicon.

In the photo below you can see that I have also plugged the tie down hole in the foot with a piece of M3 threaded bar to prevent it being filled with silicon.

Here's the first boot, despite cleaning the plaster mold there was still some plasticine residue left inside which left these yellow streaks on the boot. Luckily the majority of the boot will be covered so this shouldn't be a problem.

Here's one of Yoricks hands before removing the flash (excess silicon). The texture on the arm isn't as obvious as I would have liked and I think I should have added a little more pigment but over all I think they turned out quite well.

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