Monday, 24 February 2014

Making Time. Armatures

I think I've been a little too optimistic and have given myself only two weeks to build my puppets including casting and clothing. Judging by my progress so far I'm going to estimate that I'll need an extra week or two.

This year I decided to invest in a professional armature (Marvern Armatures are really great) I purchased a generic H1 Pro armature and made a few alterations to it to suit the proportions of my character.

The Sasquatch is being built using the low tech method of K&S and wire.See below.

This was my second attempt at building this armature. I was a bit careless during my first attempt and made a few mistakes. I also found that my plans were two small and fiddly so I made the Sasquatch 1cm taller to make the building a bit easier. I added a bit of milliput later on to the hips and torso to strengthen them.

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