Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sasquatch Feet Continued

 I added some toenail detail to the feet in the above photo have begun to lay them up to make a one part plaster mold.

I lost some of the detail between the toes, I was quite sad that I had to destroy the sculpy feet to get the armatures back but other than that they turned out very well.

Starting to paint some silicon into the cast, this helps the eliminate air bubbles on the surface later on. I pushed some K&S into the holes to stop the silicon leaking out. I let this dry over night.

I added some soft foam to pad out the joints to help with movement later on.

 I poured in the rest of the silicon and pushed in the armature. The plasticine you can see under the mold is creating some space because the K&S poked out on the underside and meant the mold would not sit flat.

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