Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sasquatch Hands

 Sculpted Sasquatch hands from super sculpy. Due to their tiny size these were possibly the most fiddly hands I've ever made.

Laying the sculpted hands up in Plasticine ready to pour the first half of the plaster.

Laying up the first half of the mold ready to pour the second half of the plaster.

 Both halves of the two part hand cast prior to cleaning up. I should have put the hand sculpts into the fridge/freezer before laying them up. This would have helped me to get a smoother finish around the edge of the hands. 

 I wrapped some thread around the hand armatures to help the silicon stick better.

 I painted some silicon into the mold this helps eliminate bubbles later on and ensures the armature doesn't show through the silicon. Once the painted layer was dry I added the armature, poured in more silicon and clamped both halves together, Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of that part.

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