Saturday 8 August 2015


So I think its about time I gave you lovely people and update, after all it has been nearly three months since I last posted anything.

Firstly, I'm very pleased to announce that after three years of hard work, I have graduated from the University of South Wales with a First in BA (Hon) Animation! 

Here's some proof! Silly hat and all.

Secondly, despite the fact I finishing making my film quite some time ago, I realized that I didn't remove the privacy setting on Vimeo. I have now made my graduation film 'Wings' publicly viewable and will also upload it YouTube soon!  

 Here's the link

Last but not least! The reason Ive been so quiet online lately is because...

 (insert drum-roll)

 I have a job!

 Where you ask?

Well I'll tell you.

 I only went and got bloody employed at Animortal Studio working on Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires!

 Ive been working there for a little over two months now and I'm loving every second of it. I couldn't have hoped to work with a lovelier or more talented bunch of people who've taught me so much and made me feel so welcome.

Here's a little group photo from last week when the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, popped in for a visit.

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