Thursday, 21 May 2015


As well as building the sets the set design students also offered to make a few of the larger props for me. Unfortunately I was unhappy with the standard of prop that they produced and ended up constructing the majority of them myself in a very limited time span. I would also like to thank Sophie Lewis (second year stop motion) for stepping in and making a few of the smaller props for me. Including lots of tiny books, a chair, a ladder, boxes, and brooms (photos below) :)

Here are the props made by the set students. They were made using plastic cut with a laser cutter.

Here are the props that I constructed. They are unfinished in these Photos they were made using balsa wood. Which I feel gives a more realistic finish to the prop.

When making the door I salvaged the frame and hinges from the door made by the set students then covered it in balsa wood.

Here are some photos of the set fully dressed and ready to film.

I also made the coin that Pip finds at the start of the film. I used a two pence piece as the base, then used super sculpy firm to create the insect and honey comb design.

Looking back I should have made a resin copy of this to reduce the weight but I didnt consider this at the time.

I baked the sculpy then stuck on some gold leaf using PVA. I then rubbed on some acrylic paint to give the coin an aged look. 

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