Thursday, 21 May 2015

Interior Sets

I think the interior set is where the majority of hiccups happened. After the initial mock up models were completed and tweaked to my liking, construction of the set began. Unfortunately I was unable to visit and comment on the building of this set as much as the other one. This is possibly why things didn't turn out as I expected them to.

I was initially pleased with the work being produced. Unfortunately after the set had been moved from the workshop to the University building I was able to take a closer look and realized that the walls didn't fit snugly together and wobbled rather a lot which isn't great when trying to film in stop-motion. As well as this the paint job was a shoddy. I was however very pleased with the floor boards which had been made using a laser cutter.

I didn't take any photos at this stage due to time constraints. With the help of my wonderful mum and dad (Shirley and Antony) we patched up the set which included but was not limited to reinforcing the walls, using paper mache to fill the gaps, giving everything a fresh coat of paint and PVA and building a base for everything to sit on.

I also wired up all the fairy lights and bottles which meant cutting lots of holes in the wall and floor of the set to hide all the wires.

 Here are some images of the finished set I took while filming.

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