Friday, 17 May 2013

Final Animation

Hello lovely people. So here the final animation of my character. We had to animate a walk cycle, a trait/something your character does, lip sync on its own and lip sync combined with a performance.

My walk cycle is just terrible it makes me shudder when I watch it. It looks as if his feet are sticking to the floor. I think the one on this video was my 13th attempt, however it's much, much better than my 1st attempt. I would have tried a few more times to improve it but I had to move on to the trait.

I'm slightly disappointing with the quality of the video because in the trait section you cant see that my character is holding and pressing a button on a remote control.

Lip sync. I had a lot of fun doing this, some of  the mouth shapes too exaggerated but everything is correctly timed and it works quite well.

Final performance. I apologies for the light changes in this part (I was animating at home and couldn't cover the window properly)
. Despite the flickery light problem this actually turned out quite well, considering it was my first attempt. A few people pointed out that I 'twin' my arm movements too much so that's something I'll try to avoid in the future. I hope you enjoyed watching. Any comments on things I could improve upon are very welcome :)

I'd also like to thank James Stafford for providing my characters wonderful voice

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