Friday, 6 February 2015

Shoulders Part 1

I sculpted pips shoulders directly onto the armature. I didn't want to remove the shoulders in fear of  smushing them so I decided to cast them upside down. It ended badly.

 I cast the shoulders like this twice. Despite mixing the plaster really well and eliminating as much air as possible I ended up with two incredibly bubbly casts, one of which broke :(
Back to the drawing board.

For the third plaster cast I carefully cut the shoulder sculpt from the armature and boxed it the correct way up. This fixed my air bubble problem but the cast is a bit squiffy where I squished the sculpt when removing it from the armature.
Luckily the squished part will be covered by clothes so I'm not too worried about it

Having learned my lesson from my first three attempts with Pip I cast Yoricks shoulders the correct way up first time. 

I also found that boxing up with corrugated plastic is a big time saver, saves a lot of glue and makes a cleaner looking cast.

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