Thursday, 19 February 2015

Yoricks Wings

I wanted to make the wings translucent so that I could light them from behind to show off the vein/wire detail. To do this
I started by printing off a turnaround at a 1:1 scale which I used to bend and cut some aluminium wire to the correct shape and size.

I used masking tape to secure the long ends of the wire that will eventually attach to Yoricks back. I then sandwiched the wire between several layers of yellow/gold tissue paper and used PVA glue to stick it all together. (see picture above)

After the PVA had dried I carefully trimmed them to the correct shape.

Not the best photo but here are the wings lit from behind. Despite the many layers of PVA and tissue I can still manipulate the shape of the wings so that they look less flat.

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