Wednesday 22 April 2015

Company Research - Part 5 - Blinkink

Blinkink are a production company based in Soho, London. They create innovative and unique commercials, short films and music videos which combine various mediums including animation  live action. Some of their most recent work include:

'Barry the Biscuit' Boy made for Cravendale is a wonderful little advert which combines stop motion, live action and puppetry. This particular advert or should I say the 'making of' video was a big eye opener for me. I realized that the skills I have acquired from studying stop motion can be applied on other kinds of puppets and not only armatured characters. This advert has also led me in to using a small amount of live action in my third year film.

Blinkink also played a part in the John Lewis 2014 chrismas advert 'Bear and the Hare'. I immediately fell in love with this advert and its beautiful combination of hand drawn 2D characters and three dimensional stop motion sets.

Other examples of work from Blinkink include 'Marlyn Myller' from Mikey Please whom is also the creator of 'The Eagleman Stag'

 and 'Sandy' a short and cheeky and defiantly film directed by Joseph Mann

Its wonderful to see a company that are interested in keeping stop motion alive by complimenting and combining it with CGI, live action and 2D animation and by supporting aspiring young creators to make new and unique work alongside well established directors. I especially enjoy viewing work from Blinkink because their creations are always exciting and innovate an I never know what to expect.

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