Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Yorrick Clothes

 I'm sure Ive described the process of making puppet clothes patterns before so I wont go into detail here.

  Firstly I made a pattern by wrapping the puppet in masking tape then cutting it away in several section.

I then used these pattens to mark out the shapes on the fabric.

 I usually start with the largest sections of the piece of clothing. For the shirt this was the back and the two front sections.

 Here's the finished shirt! I usually just tuck the sleeves inside the main body of the shirt but this time I decided to sew them on. I'm not sure if this was the best idea as it will make dressing the puppet quite difficult.

I used the same process to make the trousers. Most of the clothing is sewn by hand as it's quite hard to control such a small amount of fabric using a sewing machine.

The trousers were a little bit big so I pinned them to the correct size on the puppet then sewed a new seam before cutting away the excess fabric.

The waistcoat was more problematic than I expected it to be. My first attempt on the left turned out really very lumpy and didn't fit the puppet at all well. For my second attempt I looked online for waistcoat pattens then altered the pattern I found to fit the puppet.

I couldn't use a sewing machine to assemble this item of clothing because it was incredibly slippery. I mostly used Wonder-web and did a small amount of hand sewing.

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