Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Pips Shell (Silicon Slash Mold and Resin Casting)

 My main character Pip has a beetle shell as part of his costume. I made a shell from a mixture of balsa wood, Milliput and super sculpy firm which I had intended to paint and then glue directly to the puppet. I though that with constant touching and movement that it might break.

I eventually decided to make a resin copy of the shell which would be both stronger and lighter than the original sculpt.

 I began by gluing a pour spout (pen lid) to the sculpt with some hot glue and sticking everything to to a board. I then painted a layer of mold making silicon directly on to the sculpt and allowed it to dry. This layer of silicon will prevent air bubbles forming on the sculpt. 

 After allowing the silicon to dry I boxed up the sculpt ready for the next stage

Pouring the silicon from a height helps any air in the silicon to escape.

I allowed the silicon to set over night before removing the box and slashing open the mold. Cutting in a zig-zag pattern helps the mold key together when you re-seal it later on.

I then used elastic bands to hold the mold together before pouring in the Fast Cast Resin.

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